Labor Law Services

  • Labor Assistance: We have labor experts that will advise you at the moment of drafting labor contracts for Panamanian as well as for foreign persons.

  • We can offer a monthly retainer services that will allow us to maintain a constant communication with our clients in order to advise throughout all the updated labors laws.

  • Internal Work Regulation Process.
    We assist and perform internals work regulation documents. This document regulates the labor relationships between the employers and the employees. Through our firm we guarantee that our lawyers will provide a personalize assistance.

  • Special Labor contracts. We elaborate labor contracts by specific work, specific time, for foreign persons, among others that can be useful according to your commercial activity.

  • Work Permits: We have the best professionals, with a wide experience that will perform all types of labor procedures, such as work permits, that will guarantee their approval, in a fast and efficient way.

  • Conciliation Meetings: We will assist in the citations that may arise as a consequence of labor relationships between employers and employees, as well as any procedure in other labor jurisdiction.