Traveler coming to Panama wearing face-mask


If you’re traveling to Panama you must be aware of the sanitary measures for nationals, residents and foreigners entering the country as of October 12th.

The government of Panama, through Executive Decree No. 1089 of September 23, 2020, establishes as sanitary measures that nationals, residents and foreigners who enter the Republic of Panama must comply, as of October 12, submit a Swab Tests / PCR Test Certificate or negative antigen with a maximum of 48 hours, without the need to comply with mandatory isolation.

The Executive Decree also highlights that any person who arrives in the country and does not carry the Certificate of Swab Tests / PCR or negative antigen, will have the obligation to carry out a rapid test, prior to the airport migration registration, which will be paid by the traveler.

If the rapid test result is negative, you will be exempt from complying with the mandatory isolation. On the contrary, if the swab / PCR or antigen test is positive, the person must complete their mandatory isolation in a hotel, hospital designated by the Ministry of Health. After seven (7) days, an antigen test will be performed, if it is positive, you must end your 14-day isolation and if it is negative, the isolation will end.

The technical crews, auxiliary crews, mechanics and humanitarian personnel are exempted from these provisions, who must comply with the biosecurity measures established by the Ministry of Health.

This Executive Decree will enter into force as of October 12, it will be in force until December 31, 2020 and with the possibility of extending it, it repeals Executive Decree No. 605 of April 30 and Resolution No. 766 of April 13 August 2020.

Please keep all this in mind before traveling to Panama. Welcome!!