Residency Visa for Italian Citizens


The Residency Visa for Italian Citizens is one of the most effective alternatives to obtain residency in Panama.

Through the “treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between the Republic of Panama and the Republic of Italy”, created under Law No. 15, February 2nd, 1996, special privileges are granted to all Italian citizens that want to obtain permanent residency in Panama, subject to minimum requirements.

Where does the Panama residency for Italian citizens needs to be presented?

The National Immigration Service is the governmental authority in charge of receiving all applicants to this type of visa, and where all documents shall be submitted. With the assistance of an expert lawyer in Immigration, Italians citizens will obtain their permanent residency.


  • Original Passport with a minimum validity of three (3) months.
  • Five (5) size carnet pictures
  • Certified check for US$ 250 in favor of the National Treasury.
  • Proof of sufficient economic solvency of the applicant, which can be done through a bank certification or account statement for the last month that reflects a balance of at least four average figures.
  • Copy of the identity document or Italian residence card, translated into Spanish, and duly authenticated.
  • Present criminal record certificate.
  • Certificate of good health, issued in Panama.
  • Sworn declaration of personal background.
  • Document that demonstrates the purpose of the residence (economic or professional activity to be carried out), and can this be proved with one of the following documents:
    • Being a shareholder of a Panamanian Corporation
    • Having a labor contract in Panama
    • Own a property in Panama

Can Italians with permanent residency apply for a work permit?

Absolutely, it is possible to apply for an indefinite term work permit that will allow the person to legally work in Panama.  The main requirement is to have the permanent residency fully approved by the National Immigration Service.

The cost for the work permit carnet is US$ five hundred dollars, (US$500.00) and must be paid directly in the Ministry of Labor.  This procedure is possible according to the Executive Decree No. 67 from April 17th, 2013.

How Long is the Panama Retirement Visa Processing Time?

The processing time for this permit is approximately 6 months once the application form has been submitted.

Can Italians apply with family members?

Permanent Residency under the Friendship, Commerce and Navigation Treaty between the Republic of Panama and the Republic of Italy can be extended to family group members.  The applicant will need to present marriage certificate, in the case of spouse, and / or birth certificate, in case of children under 25 years years old.

Key Notes

  • The husband or wife of the applicant does not need to be Italian to apply in the same process.
  • Documents issued in place of birth such as criminal police record, marriage or birth certificate must be duly apostilled or legalized before the Panamanian Consulate to be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama.
  • The expiration date is established in the same document; if not, then, expiration date will be 6 months starting from their issuance.

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